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To contend in the emerging digital economy, Global 2000 companies need the flexibility to change their business models and reinvent the way they work and extend their internal business processes to suppliers, customers and trading partners. The CEOs, COOs, CTOs, CIOs and project development teams have to make bold steps into their e-commerce initiatives while facing the challenges and issues of enterprise class electronic e-commerce, adapting to a completely new infrastructure for a whole new way of doing business. The requirement in the current scenario is large-scale, mission-critical applications with scalability, agility, reliability, interoperability, extensibility, integration with heterogeneous legacy systems. Technology partners and business owners need to possess a clear road map and act decisively.

Robust framework from Value Global for the Retail segment

The solution is the end-to-end Multi-channel and in-store channels which enable retailers and brands to use Internet, social –media and mobile to increase online and offline sales. With the rapid penetration of the internet, e-Commerce industry is growing at a rapid pace changing the rules of traditional retailing with merchants being able to tap into customer segments, demographics and regions hitherto inaccessible. While the penetration of internet has brought in its own advantages providing a robust backbone for wider and rapid adoption of e-Commerce, merchants are also faced with unique challenges the retailing segment has ever witnessed.
The one major challenge is the global competition that e-commerce vendors have to face right at their doorstep. Whether the business is small or big, generic or specialized, the enterprise has to deal with loss of differentiation, price sensitive customer loyalty, global regulations which are constantly evolving, and dropping margins. These would require strategies for pricing, fulfilment, payments, channel convergence, personalization, analysis online for customer behaviour, apart from core commerce itself all of which go beyond the space of traditional e-commerce.

The E-commerce business landscape has today evolved into an amalgamation of specialized practices such as e-Markeitng, supply chain management, payments, fraud, compliance, CRM, Taxation etc. The focus is now on developing specialized and full-feature applications which are in synch with the level of maturity and the specialization that is demanded. But this can deter organizations from their business focus and the time to market for e-commerce solutions. There is therefore the need for successful businesses to have the ability to rapidly deploy and integrate solutions both from the open source community as well as the third party solution providers. The implementation provider has to have the extensive knowledge of elemental and critical processes, expertise in integration architectures, frameworks and solutions as well as knowledge and experience of using industry standard commerce building block solutions.

Value Global – Your E-commerce technology partner of choice

As an e-commerce technology partner, Value Global enables you to develop a multi-store e-Commerce strategy that isolates and conquers these challenges. Empowered with our technology you can now develop many e-Commerce websites that cater to the needs of distinct customer demographics. As a front-end technology partner our solutions help you deploy and manage several B2B, B2C and mobile e-Commerce stores with the aid of the latest best practices and tools for comprehensive product merchandising, cataloguing, payment processing and online marketing enabling higher conversion rates and repurchase frequency.
E-commerce solutions offered by Value Global, is seen as best-in-class system which aggregates and manages the life-cycle of any order type be it blanket orders, sales orders, pre-orders, split orders, auto-ships / recurring orders, digital downloads, drop-ship orders, back-orders, subscriptions etc. from any order source be it a website, mobile site, in-store kiosk, call center or any other.
We at Value Global understand the challenges faced by the e-commerce industry and understand that success lies not in just integrating of retailing products online, but in the design and enabling of a complex interface oriented business solution. This makes huge demands on resources like IT, Infrastructure, professional services, support services, back office operations and customer support applications. There is the need for a scalable and reliable e-commerce platform brought together with the deep domain understanding and expertise to handle the many challenges thereby enabling retailers and brands with end-to-end Multichannel e-commerce capabilities. With software solutions that enhance scalability, flexibility, and profitability for multi-channel online businesses, we offer solutions that integrate a full life cycle visibility for trading partners, across business units and distribution channels. Our software enables all the heavy lifting involved with the capture, management and fulfilment of orders in today’s complex multichannel retail environment. With the new "buy anywhere, fulfil anywhere, return anywhere" capabilities of today’s e-commerce platforms, we at Value Global have the capability of providing software to manage the front-end website as well as all the back office operations linked with single, cross and Omni-channel e-commerce.

Our E-commerce practise leverages this extensive integration’s expertise. Coupled with our deep understanding of the e-commerce domain and leading e-commerce building blocks solutions we provide consulting and implementation expertise to help choose appropriate building blocks and support rapid integrations, minimizing integrations risks and also the time to market.


With value Global as your technology partner you may now control your e-commerce ecosystem

You can now become an ecommerce force in the reckoning with minimum effort and time. With an extensive e-commerce expertise and years of focused knowledge assimilation coupled with experience in providing full-cycle e-commerce and e-business solutions to an array of customers around the globe, we are today the trusted and leading technology partners and solution providers for several e-commerce merchants.

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