Value Global – Oil and Gas Expertise

There have been major developments in the oil and gas sector focussing on natural resources extraction, such as petroleum, natural gas and the mining companies aka “extractive industries”. The reality is that Oil and Gas is adopting a lot of new technologies, while they are growing to meet the increasing worldwide demand. With a vision to build and promote advanced technologies for the oil and gas industry, your technology partner Value Global will assist this growth by providing an innovative range of products with critical communications infrastructure and business solutions.

Value Global as Oil and Gas technology partner specializes in providing cost effective integrated business solutions which deliver real business value by enhancing efficiency and competitiveness. With an array of products and services we focus on improving customer delight while maximising efficiency.
Digital Oil Field

For the efficient oil field operations the need is in real time measurement and control. Value Global’s expertise spans the entire range of oil field exploration and production from drilling to storage and pipeline monitoring. This requires monitoring in real time with real time data communications throughout the field of operation. For this purpose, in the past individual data links had been created from remote locations to central monitoring bases. There have been instances where extensive communications technology such as VSAT had to be employed for more critical end-points.

With the capacity of deploying large wireless networks and the use of SCADA for aiding several hundreds of thousands of end-points for these missions with critical elements we can deliver multi-use infrastructure across any environment with great standards of operation and extremely cost effective.
Enterprise Upstream
Value Global has developed large scale ICT infrastructure for enterprise upstream (revenue, production, management, joint venture accounting, field operations and authorization for expenditure). You may now connect and interpolate with the major ERP offerings and the modules can be deployed independently or as an exhaustive ERP platform. With our Enterprise upstream offering we provide deep oil and gas functionality in the field of business intelligence, operations accounting, volumes management, and land management and with our Oracle E Business Suite we optimize and provide IT solutions for accounts payable, general ledger, receivables, procurement, customer data hub.

As part of our “Excellence Journey” we have focussed on the sell-side as well as the buy-side of the enterprise and thus have aided in closing the gap between typical practice in the oil fields and what can be made possible with IT innovation.

What you can achieve with our enterprise upstream suite of products

      • Integrate Management data, have access to information from many different business departments, and streamline and consolidate your administrative processes.
      • Brings in flexibility and visibility to enable exploration, modernization and production 
      • Rapid development of modules of business which will enable enterprise to adapt quickly to customer demand, while responding to market change thereby  bringing in balance to sustained and profitable business entities.
      • Provided total integration and accuracy for joint ventures enabling ease in handling of volumetric partner accounting, automating production sharing agreement calculations, while aiding in the settling of revenue divisions in one system.
      • Flexibility in satisfying global regulatory, government, infrastructure, currency and local requirements.
      • While reporting in multiple currencies is enabled the system can also handle metric and imperial units of measure.
      • Faster access to information in a consistent and reliable framework, meeting complex requirements, lowering operational costs, and streamlining conversion and integration of acquired properties are some of the other main benefits.


Oracle E Business Suite

Establishing a broad and diverse range of partner relationships we have provided our clients with leading-edge technology and solutions par excellence.
From PO integration and e invoicing to workflow, to discount management, cost considerations, and payment our oracle business suite delivers a complete solution.

Managing the Well –test process

The well –test process is normally relegated to the assets control system where the raw and calculated data sets are collected and calculated. Being one of the most critical functions in the oil and gas business, and results being crucial for analysis, forecasting and  month end production reconciliation, we at Value Global provide a web-based user interface which aids the engineers and operators to plan, capture, execute, calculate and analyse well-test data independently without any specific control systems nevertheless in a consistent manner.