Value Global in Retail

Strategies employed in the retail channel play a very crucial role in driving higher rates of adoption of newer technologies, distribution rates, to keep pace with the changes in media, technology and communication companies.
Today’s retailer has improvised to such an extent that he updates his stocks and gathers information about his customer at every touch point enabling seamless access to information. Based on this information the retailer today makes quality decisions on branding, customer relationship management and stocking. Clearly there is more to retail than just selling where simulation provides a seamless customer relationship and focuses on IT as an enabler in the retail landscape. The consumer of today shops in stores, online, in kiosks and from mobile devices. Retailers have the task of providing a seamless experience across these platforms, operations, and partners. The customer experience should be seamless across brick and mortar, social, online and all emerging channels. They have to be operations that are seamless in terms of buying, promotion and placement of merchandise. The platforms have to use technologies such as big data and cloud in an integrated fashion and work seamlessly. Retailers need an ecosystem of technology, data and analytics partners who can deliver a seamless customer experience.
Value Global’s Simulation in Retail - Seamless Customer Experience

Delivering a seamless customer experience enables accelerating your business capabilities across operations, platforms and partnerships. Your excellence journey with Value Global begins with our understanding your customer and his preferences and then helping you implement the same by delivering a seamless experience. It is in integration of stores, mobile and online that retailers need to put in effort at improving the shopping experience. Value Global taking cognisance of the ever changing retail marketplace and helps clients develop new-capabilities. Our full spectrum retail IT offering encompasses consulting, technology and outsourcing enabling retailers in:

Seamless operating building:

Replacing the independent marketing, merchandising and supply-chain teams that focus on single channels (which are out of synch with the times), Value Global has brought in seamless retail organization and  cross-channel functioning. With a retail channel strategy leveraging the physical retail channel, Value Global contributes to enhancing lifelong customer value and provides the retailer with a competitive advantage. We help retailers work effectively and cost-efficiently allowing customers to move effortlessly and seamlessly between and through channels simultaneously for e.g. shopping on-line with a smartphone while standing in a store. Cross – channel strategy integrated in retail helps leverage the attributes of a store experience that are crucial in attracting customers and in strengthening brand loyalty.

Building Seamless Platforms:

All applications, platforms and architectures under one regulated, standardized umbrella –The advantage of the Value Global Offering – the number one priority of all high performing retailers. Keeping pace with technology innovations in enterprise resource planning while creating a solid technology base we have proven large scale system integration capacity. Value Global ensures that the customer facing technologies provide an integrated and connected seamless experience through the many platforms including social, mobile and retailer’s and third party applications.
Building Seamless Partnerships:

Technology, data, analytics and process partners will prove a valuable asset to any retail enterprise and as important as merchandise vendors in building the competitive advantage. With our proven abilities in retail data management, talent management and supply chain planning and management we help our retailers provide that seamless customer experience. With Value Global as your partner you can respond to the customer needs wherever they may be, and whenever and however they choose to communicate. The retailer’s presence at every stage of the customer journey, from discovery through research, the buy, as well as the product maintenance or returns is enabled by our technology.

Convergence of Channel:

In the digital era we have not been able to do away with the physical store and the store is just another component of a seamless shopping experience. With Value Global’s technology convergence has become a distinct possibility providing another seamless experience connecting retailers with physical, online and mobile channels with non-stop touch points.

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Value Global’s advantage in the retail sector: